How to Track a Lost Phone Including Android/iPhone/Windows Phone

How to Track a Lost Phone Including Android/iPhone/Windows Phone

How to Track a Lost iPhone, Android or Windows Phone

How to Track a Lost iPhone, Android or Windows Phone
How to Track a Lost iPhone, Android or Windows Phone

In this fast pace of earth, the smartphone is an integral part of our life. People today want to maintain their device protected with another type password, patterns, and passcode. Telephone password function enables the user to keep their apparatus protected from unauthorized users. However, imagine if your device is stolen or lost? As we know the uncertain scenario can occur at anytime you need to fully configure your device to track your lost Android, iPhone, or even Windows phone. Wish to know how to monitor a missing phone? This is the perfect spot for you to receive the ideal solution to this issue. Here, we will supply you best ways to monitor lost Android, iOS, or Windows cellular phone.

– Part 1. How to Track a Lost Android Phone
– Part 2. How to Track a Lost iPhone
– Part 3. How to Track a Lost Windows Phone
– Part 4. Other Things You Can Do If Your Phone is Lost or Stolen

Part 1. How to Track a Lost Android Phone

Part 1. How to Track a Lost Android Phone
Part 1. How to Track a Lost Android Phone

CellSpy is an all-in-one tool that is powered by numerous amazing features, unlike other tools. Fundamentally, CellSpy is a tracking tool which is made for Android and iOS apparatus to make parenting easier and convenient. With CellSpy, the consumer can access the target device location, text messages, telephone history, web history, photos, videos, and much more. If the target device has an Android apparatus then, you can get it location tracking feature to understand where the unit is right now. The cost of CellSpy is very reasonable in costs, you can pick from various flexible subscription programs. Want to understand how to monitor a missing phone? Read this section carefully to understand how to monitor a lost Android cellphone.

Why Pick This All-in-one Phone Tracker:

– Location monitoring: If your children are not telling you about their location afterward, try out this wonderful tool. This tool will let you remotely monitor the live location of the device without understanding the goal device user.
– Work in Stealth mode: This is another reason that makes it better than many others. CellSpy works quietly in the background of the target device and record inputs which were produced on the gadget.
– Track text messages: Messages is the ideal attribute for you if you’d like to know what your girlfriend, children, or employee is performing. You will get complete access to target apparatus messages program and show you shipped and received SMS.
– Keylogger: CellSpy provide Keylogger attribute for Android devices. The main point of this feature would be to record keyboard inputs that are made on the target device. Sadly, this is not readily available for iOS devices.

Easy Measures to Track a Lost Android Phone

Step 1. Sign up

Open CellSpy official site on the web browser and then click on the”Subscribe” button that’s placed the at the top-right corner of this window. On Create CellSpy account page, enter Email ID and password and then click on the”Sign Up” button.

Step 2. Install CellSpy App on Target Android Phone

Now, enter information regarding target Android apparatus and choose Android operating system.

Enable Unknown sources by visiting Settings — Safety — and tap Unknown Sources to empower.

Install the downloaded CellSpy app and enter CellSpy account login information and begin monitoring.

Step 3. Start Track A person’s real life Site

Open CellSpy official website and open your CellSpy accounts to open online dashboard.

Check this site out at How to Track a Lost Phone Including Android/iPhone/Windows Phone

Note: This is only going to work if the lost Android apparatus has CellSpy app installed.

Part 2. How to Track a Lost iPhone Real-time Location

Locate my iPhone is the fantastic location tracking app that’s developed by Apple to locate the live place of iDevice. In case your iPhone device is lost or stolen then, Locate My iPhone maybe an easy method to find and track lost iPhone. There are 2 ways to access the missing iPhone with Locate My iPhone. An individual may use iCloud to track the location or using the other iPhone/iPad device. Here, we’re using iCloud to track a lost iPhone. Before performing these steps, make sure the Find My iPhone is allowed on missing iPhone device. This is the best solution to your issue how to monitor a missing phone.

Easy Steps to Track a Lost iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Open a web browser and type https://icloud.com to start iCloud web-client.

Step 2: Now, enter the iCloud ID login account details such as iCloud ID and password.

Step 3: Once the iCloud accounts successfully logged in, you need to click the”Locate iPhone” icon.

Step 4: Apple Map will appear on the display, click the All Devices down arrow and then select your lost iPhone device.

Step 5: You will see 3 modes such as Play sound, lost mode, and erase.

– Perform Audio: When you click the Play Sound, the device plays a solid continuously with maximum quantity.
– Lost Mode: Engaging with the lost mode, you have to enter your mobile number that will appear on the display of the lost device. If a person found your lost apparatus, the number will help them to call you.
– Erase: This is the final choice if your cell phone is loaded with confidential advice. Click Erase to wipe all the information which is set on the missing iPhone device.

Part 3. How to Track a Lost Windows Phone

Windows Phone is equipped with integrated Find My Phone features that allow the user to find the location of Windows Phone. Find My Phone is the fantastic function to maintain your device protected and secure.

Easy Measures to Track a Lost Windows Phone

Step 1: you need to open settings in your Windows phone and go to Privacy section.

Step 2: Harness the location and enable the Find My Phone feature.

Step 3: Open a web browser onto your computer and kind https://account.microsoft.com/devices/ and hit “Enter” button.

Step 4: Enter Microsoft accounts credential and click on the”Find My Phone” under the device alternative.

Step 5: Schedule will show up on the display with comparable choices including Play Sound, Find, and Erase.

Step 6: Click on the Find to view the live location of your lost Windows Phone.

Part 4. Other Things You Can Do If Your Telephone is Missing or Stolen

Change Credentials

First of all, you can change the login credentials including Mail, Cloud Storage Service, banking, as well as others. It’s always recommended by safety experts to instantly change your account password for future prevention.

Contact Cellular Network Service Provider

The next step is to speak to your cellular network service provider and alter them which your cell phone is missing. This will help the mobile service provider to find the device and block all incoming and outgoing services.

Notify Your Employers

If you use that lost mobile phone to get company emails or programs, you can inform about it for your companies to prevent more problems. This will enable the enterprise to guarantee the confidential data about the company. Perhaps the IT department will remotely delete all company data that is associated with your account.

Contact the Bank

This is the significant thing which you have to do if you lost your cell phone. If any wrong person discovered your device possibly he/she access sensitive information such as credit card details, and many others. It is possible to notify your bank branch to safeguard credit card, debit card, online banking, or banking information.


Wish to understand how to monitor a lost phone? In this article, we have discussed best strategies to locate the location of missing Android, iPhone, and Windows phone place. All procedures are well analyzed by me before writing this article so, you can rely on this solution.


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