How to Download & Install Phone Spy Free

Phone Spy Free is a spying application which allows user to know another person’s smartphone activity secretly. The app will give you the view of other person smart details like messages, call details, browsing history, location, and many more. Many people use this application because it is free, and it is easy to install in your android device.

Steps to Download & Install Phone Spy Free

Steps to Download & Install Phone Spy Free
Steps to Download & Install Phone Spy Free
  • First, both the phone should have an internet connection enabled in their device. The phone of the person which you want to spy and your phone both should have an internet connection of at least 3g or 4g.
  • First, disable Google Play Protect in the smartphone of which you want to spy.
  • Disable Google play notification also of the free phone spy app. This step is very important because if the notification is not disabled, then the person will know that this is a spying app by reading the name of the application.
  • Now you have to download the free phone spy on the other person’s smartphone.
  • On the time of installing turn on allow from this source in chrome or any type of browser, you are downloading the app.
  • Now install the application. After installing it will ask a few permissions, you have to allow it. The application should only be installed on the targeted phone. You have to enable all permission in the smartphone to work the app properly.
  • Now create a new account. The app will ask for certain information that you have to fill properly. You have to create a password. By securing the account only you can use it, not anyone else.
  • After creating an account, you have to click on the hidden app and start monitor. By hiding the app, the person will not know that you have installed the spying app and when you click on start monitor means all the activity will be shown in the app of yours which you have installed in your app.
  • You have to log in to the control panel to see the activity. The login should be done on your phone. And that’s it you will know the activity of the other person.

Features of Phone Spy Free App

  • Call logs: You will see incoming and outgoing going calls of the smartphone which you want to spy.
  • Call Recording: This is very famous; you can record the call. This type of feature is very rare, so get the benefit of it by downloading the application.
  • Social Media: You can see the activity of social media applications. You can read chats of which other person is chatting.
  • Browsing history: You can see the history of the browser. What the person has searched and viewed on the site.
  • SMS: By this, you can read normal messages which come in a smartphone.
  • Gallery: You can view the smartphone gallery check different types of photos and videos.
  • GPS: This type of feature is very useful. You can track where the person is and where the person was before.

Do not forget to do these things

  • Hide the spying application in another person’s smartphone.
  • Allow all the permission which the app requires. If you miss any, then the app will not work properly. And you may miss certain features of the application.
  • You have to clear the browsing history of the other person’s phone because he or she may know that some person has downloaded the spying app on the phone.
  • The targeted phone should have a proper internet connection in it. If it a good connection, then you can get the activity perfectly.