The Best 10 Parent Must-Know Instagram Spy Apps

The Best 10 Parent Must-Know Instagram Spy Apps

Get The Best 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents

Get The Best 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents
Get The Best 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents

Parental role has become more daunting in this time and era of technology. Children are becoming smarter day by day due to the kind of exposure from social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp and even Instagram. In fact, Instagram is well known for bullying; and researches indicate that cyber-bullying is one of the major suicide factors among the teens. This is the reason it is best for parents to ensure that their kids are safe at all times by protecting them from these situations. These ten well known Instagram spy apps will allow you to guard your children against improper pictures, cyber-bullying and aid in matters of safety among other issues.

Part 1. Top 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents
Part 2. How to Spy on Instagram Photos, Videos and Text Messages

Part 1. Top 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents

Part 1. Top 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents
Part 1. Top 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents

1) PhoneTracking

This excellent Instagram spy program works on both the Android and iPhone apparatus such as the hottest iOS 11 and Android 8.0 Oreo. PhoneTracking comes with quite strong spy features that allow you to do different activities. Easily install this program from various browsers at any time and receive tracking on your kid’s instagram activities. It’s a 100% protected and gives you a 24 hour service from the technical team.

Cost: It has got numerous price choices but the more convenient one is their Ultimate Edition 1-month subscription of $39.99 that offers all features in PhoneTracking. (Check PhoneTracking price plan >>)


It has got a friendly Customer Care staff
It is easy to install and utilize
Will give you a peace of mind all through

2) Pumpic Instagram Spy App

Pumpic enables you to view all uploaded Instagram pictures, videos, messages and other comments on your kid’s device. It comes with an easy to use control panel which allows you to easily navigate through. You may as well limit restrictions on the target device via the panel. It is compatible with iOS version 6.0 — 11.2 and Android versions 2.2 — 6.0.1.

Price: It costs an average of 30.


It’s an Simple to Use control panel
It Provides you an all round 24 alternative for your child’s safety


ICloud password is required to get iOS devices’ installation
Some features will require rooting for Android OS.

3) CellSpy

It has the ability to spy on Instagram and monitor photographs, videos and instagram messages on the target device. CellSpy operates by recording keystrokes and shooting screenshots. It is a good alternative for protecting your children against cyberbullying and other websites limitations. This instagram spy works with the two Android and iOS devices, MacOS with inclusion of several BlackBerry OS devices.

Price: It costs an average of $32.


It supports multi-language capability
Very discreet and tamper proof


It’s costly as compared to its peers

4) XNSpy

This instagram spy program enables you to get access to all of the photos on the target device. This app works on Android devices from version 2.3 and above.

Price: Its standard price is $29.99.


XNspy program runs on stealth mode and hence completely invisible

It is easy to install


This Instagram spy app Isn’t able to recover deleted photos that weren’t backed up
The tracked device needs to be on the Web that you retrieve photos
Its usability is not diverse, with much attention to photos

5) Instagram Spy app

What makes this instagram spy program to stand out is its remote installation ability. Its remote tracking mechanism enables you to monitor the target device from any location. Besides, it is compatible with most operating systems including Blackberry versions 5.0 to 6, Android version 2.3 — 7.1 and iOS devices version 7 and 8.

Price: It will cost you around $55 for a quarter subscriptions.


It can be installed on multiple devices
It is useful for various monitoring Choices


You Can’t use a remote control
IPhone jailbreaking is needed
It doesn’t contain a diverse number of features

6) mSpy

This instagram spy app is excellent for the worried parents. It will provide you the very best option to track what your child does on social networking apps like WhatsApp and instagram. MSpy is compatible with the majority of Android and iOS devices including the latest edition of iOS 11.

Price: It costs a whopping $59.99 a three months subscription.


Ability to monitor various messages and photos from social media programs

Its analyze feature lets you control many phones


It isn’t compatible with some versions of BlackBerry devices.

7) TeenSafe Instagram Spy App

TeenSafe is another reliable Instagram spy app that will enable you to see call logs, texts, telephone place and history. Its ability to let you view all of the sent and received messages and photos from social networking apps makes it among the very best for Instagram spy. This app works with all Android and iPhone apparatus, some MacOS and Windows operating systems.

Price: It costs about $39 a monthly subscription.


This program is secure to utilize
It is very private and will encrypt your kid’s data


It Doesn’t include numerous features like most programs

8) InSpy

This Instagram spy program enables you to view any pictures including profile pictures by zooming to see it in high quality format. You won’t be motivated to enter any passwordsimply key in a username and then view the pictures. Instaview is compatible with the majority of Android devices, WindowsOS and some hottest iOS apparatus.

Cost: Its price is approximately $99 for a quarter subscriptions.


Let you view photos from the target device
It has the capacity to zoom photographs to high Excellent form


It Doesn’t support some iOS devices especially the earlier versions
It does not have most features

9) Spyzie

Spyzie is known Instagram spy program which can help you get a peace of mind when you’re not around your children. It enables you to monitor your child’s online actions in real time, so not allowing anything fresh by-pass you. It is compatible with the two Android and iOS apparatus, including the newest versions. Besides being suitable for tracking online activities, Spyzie also comes with lots of features to assist you guard your child against cyber bullying and limitation to unsuitable websites.

Price: It costs about $39 per month.


You will get a Entire peace of mind


You Will Need to sign up to get an iCloud account to use the program

10) Salfeld Child Control

This is just another app that is loved by parents at Instagram spying. It functions perfectly while safeguarding your child’s online activities and other social media applications. This will help you recover all of the conversations in the target device instagram’s account. In any case, it provides you more authority as the parent to change off internet filters and put time limits on the target device. This app can be used with Internet explorer 5.01 and many Android and iOS devices.

Cost: It costs about $30 per monthly subscription.


It Allows You to set time limits on the target device
It’s likely to keep track of your child’s online activities


It is always necessary to check on use logs as often as you can

Part 2. How to Spy on Instagram Photos, Videos and Text Messages

Monitoring the target device is the only sure means of keeping tabs on exactly what your children do in your absence. Availability of powerful spy software like PhoneTracking has made it easy to carry on these activities like actual time spying on your societal networking activities. With many innovative apps, parents are now able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing they can track any instagram photos as well as messages and videos onto the target device.

Easy Steps to Spy on Instagram by Employing PhoneTracking

Whether you are an Android user or iOS glued individual, PhoneTracking will still make certain you get exactly what you deserve with respect to monitoring the target phone. This app works in a discreet way by monitoring the target device. Use it to check on your kid’s internet life or watch over your employees as you’re away.

Step 1. Subscribe on PhoneTracking

Start by making your PhoneTracking account via the”Try it now” button. As soon as you click on this button, then the create an accounts window will appear. Essential in the email address and password then click “Sign up”.

Step 2. Complete the Setup Wizard

There’s a”Setup Wizard” window which you’ll be redirected to. Correctly fill in the data regarding the target device. Proceed ahead and select the operating method of the target device.

Android apparatus will only require the conclusion of the”Setup wizard” and jailbreak. Otherwise, if it is an iPhone device, then, you will need to confirm your iCloud ID and password. Simply make certain that the target device has triggered the iCloud backup and syncing service then click on’Verify’ button.

Step 3. Start Instagram Spying

Once all the essential data has been properly entered, you will have the ability to begin spying on the Android or iPhone goal apparatus. Do this by navigating to the control panel of your device’s dashboard. The left panel has a list of tasks including messages, social apps and photos among others. Click the item you want to spy and get real-time information regarding the same.

Click here to read at https://cellspy.org/instagram-hack/

What Data Can You Check in PhoneTracking

View SMS and iMessages: PhoneTracking can give you real time information concerning the sent and received messages from your target device.

Perform and download websites attachments from SMS: Skill to let you first preview, then download any photos or other attachments from the target phone’s messages.

Track installed apps: You will have the ability to not just see installed programs, but also lay restrictions on to which programs can function on the target phone.

Track GPS Location: it is easy to follow the target device’s GPS place via this feature.

Spy Phone Calls: Know the identity of those that communicate with your kids as the program will enable you to track both the incoming and outgoing calls.

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